I am fannie pan, a ux/ui designer.

When someone hears the word "designer", they tend to associate the person with the word "#aesthetic". However, my focus isn't solely on making things "look pretty", but instead also be able to focus on the functionality and usability of a product through well thought out creative solutions backed by research.

My Story

I am your typical second generation immigrant story. Growing up I was always told to focus on a field that would “bring me financial security” even though my passion was in the creative. I ended up at NYU Tandon school of Engineering studying computer science and business-tech strategy because of my interest in the technology field. During my first year there, I felt miserable because as a creative person my whole life, I felt like something was missing. I got introduced to Integrated Digital Media (B.S), and my first introduction into UX research and design changed my life completely. From that first class, I immediately knew what I wanted to do and switched majors the very same day. It encompassed everything that I love: creative design, research & problem solving, and technology. My main focus is to design based on user needs, to provide a product where they don’t even need to think, “I wish they had X feature”, or “why isn’t this working”.